Greenville Sportsmens Club
We have three skeet fields, 2 with Laporte trap machines and 1 field operating on Winchester/Western machines.
We have recently completed construction of a new trap field. The field is equipped with a new Pat trap capable of throwing both single and doubles trap. We have also installed a ventriloquist voice release system.
We have several rifle ranges available (200 yd, 100 yd, 75 yd and 50 yd). In addition, we have an outdoor pistol range available. To use the pistol or rifle range you must be a member.
The pistol and rifle ranges are open from 10:00am until dusk 7 days a week.

    The skeet and trap fields are open Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00am until the last shooter leaves. The skeet and trap facilities are open to both members and nonmembers.

    The club is closed on Christmas day and Easter Sunday.

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Greenville Sportsmen Club is the premier location in the Northwest
Pennsylvania/Northeast Ohio area for all of your shooting hobbies.
Here you will find the clean ranges, and friendly people to help
provide an enjoyable shooting experience. Whether you're a
begining shooter just starting to get in to the sport, or someone who
has been shooting for years and is looking for others to socialize
with, the Greenville Sportsmen Club is the place for you. Aside from
the ranges, we have many amenities for our members, from special
events, to pot-luck dinners, that will convince you that if you come to
Greenville, you have made the right choice.
Welcome to Greenville Sportsmen Club
Club Location

Greenville Sportsmen Club is located in Vernon, Pa. on state route 358. The address is:

1039 Vernon Road, Greenville, PA 16125

(724) 588-9994

3 Skeet Fields
1 New Trap Field
Pistol and Rifle Ranges
Pistol and Rifle Ranges
Pistol and Rifle Ranges
Hours of Operation
Work Day Saturday, March 21st
There will be a work day on Saturday, March 21st starting at 10:00am.  A new shipment of targets will arrive that day and we need voluteers to help in moving the new shipment of targets.  In addition there will be general spring cleanup of the fields.  Please come and help out.  This is your club and your help is needed to keep it operating in good order.