Firearms instruction, firearms safety, concealed carry classes, advanced concealed carry classes. Carrying a firearm for personal protection is a serious matter. It is a responsibility that many don't realize when they begin the process to consider carrying a concealed firearm. My concealed carry classes go beyond the "state minimum requirements" for obtaining an Ohio Concealed Handgun License (CHL). Obtaining your Ohio CHL is just the start. Basic concealed carry classes do not teach you how to holster and use your CC firearm in more lifelike stressful situations with competence and proficiency. I offer advanced concealed carry instruction providing more in-depth training, utilizing your chosen CC firearm; loading, re-loading, malfunctions, drawing from a holster, sight alignment and trigger control, to name a few. My firearms classes continually stress safety and how Ohio laws may apply to different situations. Additionally I provide guidance on what to look for in a CC handgun for your particular skill level and need. Think about whether you feel you could effectively handle a situation in which you decide to deploy a concealed carry handgun to protect yourself, your family or someone else? Proper training and continued practice is the only way to ensure a level of competence necessary to defend yourself. Training that continues after you obtain your Ohio CHL.

If you’re looking for the quickest class or way to get a certificate to apply for your Ohio CHL, my classes are not for you. If you want to commit the time and dedication necessary in order to learn to carry a concealed carry firearm safely and competently, then I ask you to consider my classes.

Two day CCW/CHL classes limited to 8 students. One day CCW/CHL classes limited to 4 students. Advanced classes limited to 6 students. CCW/CHL classes, course of fire minimum 50rds, most often 100 up to 250rds.


NRA Certified Firearms Instructor 

NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

GLOCK Certified Armorer 

18 yrs Law Enforcement


Concealed Carry, $100 (required to obtain your Ohio CHL) (Limited to 4)

Concealed Carry Next Step; Basics (Limited to 6) 

Advanced Concealed Carry (Limited to 6) 

Defensive Shotgun

Concealed Carry Laws and Responsibilities Update Classes 

CC Firearm Purchase Seminars

Women's Only CC Classes 

Church Safety Team Training, Organizations, Groups Family and Youth Classes

Gerald Bayus Jr., Defensive Firearms Training
Gerald Bayus Jr., Defensive Firearms Training

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