Constitution and By-Laws

Greenville Camp, Mercer County Sportsmen's Association
As amended by the Board of Directors January 11, 2012

NAME: "GREENVILLE CAMP, MERCER COUNTY SPORTMEN'S ASSOCIATION" as incorporated, as a non-profit corporation, July 1, 1935.

1) To promote the propagation of the wildlife and fish-life of our woods and streams and to protect at all times, in a manner that is legal and just, the interests of all true Sportsmen. 

2) To respect and protect the rights of land owners at all times.
3) To promote the public and members use of our clay target, rifle and pistol ranges in accordance with our rules and by-laws.
4) To grant access to our facilities by the payment of dues and fees prescribed by the Board of Directors.

All members recognize and accept the right, and obligation to police its own membership for the good of the majority of the club. A member must obey rules and regulations of the club as they exist. Respect club property, have ethical behavior toward their members and maintain good order and morality for continued membership. Each member should be a law-abiding citizen and keep club business within the club.
Any membership will include all family members living in the same household up to age 22. At age 22 an individual membership must be purchased to remain a member, and to include voting rights. Any member under the age of 22 years of age has all the rights of full membership excluding voting rights.

The officers shall be comprised of the following;
1. President
2. Vice President
3. Treasurer
4. Secretary
5. Directors (12): Four 3 year directors, Four 2 year directors and Four 1 year directors.

The board of directors shall consist of the elected Officers and Directors and shall have power to execute all club business for the membership.
A Quorum shall be 51% or more of the elected Officers and Directors. If a director misses more than 3 consecutive meetings, his directorship may be vacated by a majority vote of the board, and the vacancy can be filled for the remainder of the year from a list of the next highest vote getters from the previous election.
The President shall appoint committees necessary for all activities, with approval of the Board of Directors. Any vote to raise or lower member 's dues or shooting fees must have a 30 day waiting period from the date that the motion carried. Said vote shall require a 66%, 2/3 majority of the Board’s membership for passage.

This club as an organization shall not promote, discuss, or take part in any political issue, except when issues directly concern legislation on wildlife or its habitat, or may be properly interpreted as affecting our objectives or ideals.


The club shall meet at the time appointed by the President and the Board of Directors.
The President shall call a meeting at the written request of 25 members. This meeting shall be held at a place to be designated by the Board of Directors and must take place within thirty days of receipt of the request.
There shall be at least three general membership meetings per calendar year. This is to include:
1. A nominations meeting for officers and directors, to be held in January.
2. An election meeting to be held in February.
3. A general business meeting to be set, at a time convenient to the Board. The Board of Directors shall meet at the request of the President, and said meeting shall be limited to members of the board ONLY.

This constitution may be amended or altered by a 66%, 2/3 vote of the Directors present at any legal Directors meeting. Said amendment shall be read and voted upon at the next regular Club meeting, requiring a majority vote before legal adoption.

PRESIDENT: Shall preside at all meetings of the club to see that all rules are enforced, to cast the deciding vote in case of a tie, and to perform such other duties as pertain to the office. The President shall be an Ex·Officio member of all committees.  He shall buy and with consent of the Directors, execute all contracts for and on behalf of the Club. The President may at his discretion issue keys to members, for the purpose of opening and closing of the Club grounds on specific days and times as necessary, with the approval of the Board of Directors.

VICE PRESIDENT: Shall assist the club President when necessary and in the absence of the President, shall be eligible and shall perform the duties of the President.

SECRETARY: Shall keep accurate minutes of all Club and Directors meetings, and conduct all Club correspondences. He shall collect all dues and funds in conjunction with the Treasurer, turning collections over to the Treasurer. He shall report all bills of the Club for approval by the Directors and maintain the membership roll. The secretary shall be bonded for at least $500.00, at the expense of the Club.

TREASURER: Shall be the custodian of all monies collected by the Club. He shall maintain receipts for monies received and deposit such monies in the name of the Club in a Bank approved by the Directors. He shall pay all ordered approved. He shall keep correct account of all money received and disbursements made and shall give a report of the same, for acceptance, at each regular meeting of the Club. He shall be bonded for at least $3,000.00 at the expense of the Club.

The annual dues for membership shall be set by the Directors at any annual meeting of the board. The funds of the Club shall be disbursed when authorized by the President up to $1,000.00 over that amount, approval by a majority vote at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors is required. When expenditures are authorized, the Secretary shall issue a warrant to the Treasurer and payment shall be made by check or voucher signed by the Treasurer and counter-signed by the President. At the first meeting each year the President shall appoint three auditors who shall audit the Treasurers' accounts after the closing of the books December Thirty-first of the year just concluded and present their report at the first regular meeting thereafter.

A. Any member guilty of conduct unbecoming a sportsman or who violates any rules or ethics of this Club, may be expelled by a majority vote or the Board of Directors.
B. Any person who forfeits membership, by failure to pay his dues or by expulsion, or otherwise, does thereby relinquish and waive any and all claims upon the Club of any kind whatsoever.
C. Appointed committees may be removed by the Club President with the approval of the Board of Directors.
D. Any member may submit a grievance or issue to any officer or director concerning any matter in writing. The accused shall be given a copy of said grievance within 10 days.

A meeting will be held in January of each calendar year for the purpose of nominating members for positions on the Board. A committee will be appointed by the President and approved by the Board to keep order of the elections. Any member of the Club has the right to nominate a person from the floor during a nomination meeting. A nomination ballot will be produced, and will be available for each voting member to secure his or her vote in the February election of Officers meeting.
Members of the elections committee, at the election meeting, will first ascertain if an individual is a member in good standing, by displaying of a Club membership card, or knowledge that the individual is a member. Only members present at the election meeting may vote. There will not be any absentee ballot voting.
The President and Vice Presidents shall be elected to serve one year terms. Four Directors will be elected each year carrying a three year term.
The President shall select the Secretary and Treasurer for the club with approval of the Board of Directors.
No memberships will be sold on the day of the election of the officers and directors.

Any member that wishes to suggest an item that would promote advancement, and goodwill within the Club should make a presentation at a general membership meeting for a vote by the Board. That member should be prepared to follow-up on any item that he or she would propose to the Board. i.e. Heading up or being Chairperson of the committee that may be appointed to oversee that particular project, or possibly handle the project on his or her own, for the betterment of the Club.

The Directors of the club shall not be personally liable for monetary damages for any action taken, or for failing to take any action, unless:
1. The Director has breached or failed to perform the duties of his office under section 8363 of Act 145 of the 1986 Pennsylvania Laws. (relating to standard of care and justifiable reliance):
2. The breach or failure to perform constitutes self-dealing, willful misconduct, or recklessness.
3. The breach or failure to perform constitutes a violation of any criminal statute.
4. The liability of a Director for the payment of taxes pursuant to local, state or federal law.

I.    Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance
II.   Roll Call of Officers
III.  Minutes of the previous meeting
IV. Treasurers report
V.  Old business
VI. New business
VII. Adjournment

1. Hours, 10am until dusk- No shooting before 10am or after dusk.
2. No automatic weapons to be used.
3. No rapid fire of semi-automatics.
4. The range will be closed from Good Friday through the Easter weekend as well as Christmas day.
5. No random shooting. All shots are to be at posted targets on the target     backers.
6. The rifle range is for use by MEMBERS ONLY, members must be 18 years of age, or have direct parental supervision.
7. The gate is to be closed and locked at all times, even while shooting.
8. Each member is responsible for cleaning his or her own targets and or her debris that may have been brought to the range.
9. No alcoholic beverages permitted at the range.  Any member found in non-
compliance to these rules will be subject to a reprimand up to and including dismissal from the Club. For any subsequent violation the member will lose his or her membership.

1. Never load your gun until you are on station.  Cartridges shall not be placed into the shooters gun until he or she is on station ready to shoot. Immediately after firing the shooter will remove the spent cartridges, or retrieve the spent cartridges from the field , prior to leaving the shooting station. If there is a delay for any reason , the shooter is to unload immediately.
2. No more than two shells may be loaded at any time.  New shooters arc encouraged to load one shell at a time.
3. When a shooter is not on a station , his gun is to be unloaded at all times, with the action open and the barrel pointed in a safe direction .
4. Safety glasses and ear protection mus t be worn , while on the shooting stations.
5. No shooting at animals while on the premises.
6. Dispose of any faulty ammo properly; do NOT throw loaded ammo in the trash.
7. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the shooting fields. No shooter will be allowed to resume shooting once he or she has consumed any type of alcoholic beverage. NO EXCEPTIONS, guns and alcohol do not mix.
8. Always be aware of your shot fall and what may be in that area.
9. No shooting on any station, while houses are being loaded.
10. All shooting to be done on designated stations ONLY.
11. No shot larger than #71/2 to be used.  Larger shot could cause, shot trespass.
12. Any shooter under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.